And why so many people are loving it!

Vue Shield, the newest transparent face shields, has taken the internet by storm. People are raving about how they are not only protective, but also fashionable.

In our new reality it is important to find alternative solutions to keep ourselves protected without having to compromise on our comfort and style. When the COVID-19 pandemic first started we didn’t believe it would go on this long, and that face masks would be used in the long term. Now that we are coming up on almost a year of using face covering, you should know about the newest and most comfortable ways to stay protected.

Most of us don’t enjoy wearing the masks. The common surgical face mask makes it difficult to wear in our everyday life, and even more difficult to communicate in. 

Vue Shield face shields are here to change the game. Not only are they extremely fashionable, but they make your day-to-day activities more comfortable and more enjoyable! Vue Shield provides full face protection, UVA/UVB protection, and blue light protection, plus have anti-fog coating!

This transparent shield lets you finally shine, and express your own unique style! 

See how people are loving Vue Shield!: 


So what are the benefits?

✔️ Full face protection - stay protected from any splashes or droplets

✔️ Blue-light Filter - relieves eye strain when being used at work, or while looking at any screens 

✔️All-over UVA/UVB protection - blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays

✔️Anti-fog coating - see and be seen clearly, without having to worry about your breathing fogging up your shield 

✔️Lightweight, comfortable & easy to breathe - rests comfortably on your face, and weights only 1.86 oz

✔️Eyewear friendly  - wear any seeing glasses or sunglasses comfortably underneath 

✔️Reusable - easy to clean and reuse, reducing any harmful impact on the environment 

✔️Fashionable - express your own style, and feel fearlessly beautiful 

Vue Shield is becoming the latest trend! 


Now that you know about Vue Shield here are the steps to get one of your own! 


Step 1: Visit and claim your 33% discount 

Step 2: Get your shipment quickly! (within 3-7 business days)

Step 3: And enjoy your amazing new face shield! 


See what else customers are saying about Vue Shield: 

Verified purchase
I use it in a doctor's office, I am currently helping my husband with his patients and we both have one and use it to feel comfortable and secure when talking to each patient. It looks very clean and elegant , it doesn't fog, and it is out of the usual face masks available in stores. We are very satisfied with it and would love to give it to our friends as gifts.
Anita C.
Verified purchase
I love it, lightweight, clear, well designed. I’m a doctor and I feel it is the best shield with no fogging and unobtrusive view.
Kymbrlye F.
Verified purchase
LOVING this shield. So comfortable, light yet feels very protective. Only problem, I keep getting threats by coworkers that they’re going to steal it. (Playfully, of course). Great buy! Thank you